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Strongman emerges out of China

The two-term limit on China’s president has been abolished. That paves the way for Xi Jinping, the sitting president and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China to become a strongman. While not so good for the country’s institutional framework, “more of the same” could bode well for commodity demand in the short to medium term. Read more…

A mixed outlook for commodities in 2018

Commodities have enjoyed a great start to 2018, from the low point mid-December they have rallied 6.5%, the performance has been broad-based too, driven not only by the Iran issues inflating the oil price but a rally in industrial/precious metals and agriculture.

We are wary of some who are interpreting this as being a positive sign for broad commodities this year. Commodities as an asset class are a very heterogeneous group and we expect varied performance from each. So to start the year we thought we would provide a brief summary of our views.

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OPEC-rally likely to be short-lived

OPEC together with its non-OPEC partners today decided to extend their production curbs to the end of 2018. With only luke-warm support from Russia heading into the meeting, doubts had formed earlier in the week as to whether the cartel will be able to pull it off.
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